The Cainites: The World’s First Heathen

IntroductionI know I am not the first to ask why the first few chapters of the Book of Genesis, which cover many generations of people and a considerable span of time, contains so very little spiritual history. As we read the opening book of the Bible we get a very clear impression that the purpose of the author is not to much to look at the early religious history of the earth and the spiritual life of its first inhabitants, but to provide some background to the main theme, which is the establishment of the Tribe, and subsequently, Nation of Israel. The narrative deliberately skims over the lives of people who have nothing directly to do the forefathers of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, telling us very little about people and events outside that hallowed line. There is a thin golden line which crosses people, places and time and we are supposed to be led along it and not apparently be too concerned about anything very far removed from it.

Good and Evil and Its ConsequencesWe are introduced to the concept of good and evil early on and taught something about how to differentiate the two. There will be, the writer tells us, continuous warfare between the seed of Light (the children of Eve) and the seed of Darkness (those who follow the serpent’s lies). The human race will labour under two main handicaps – men will have to sweat and toil and make the earth yield food, and women will experience pain in child-delivery (Ge.3:18-19,16).

Headship and Naming are Yahweh’s First Instrictions to ManThe very first Law that Yahweh gave mankind was the patriarchal headship of the husband over his wife (Ge.3:16). No qualifications were given as to what kind of rulership this would be, only that now it was a fact. The first act of headship was that Adam gave his wife a name – Eve (v.20). A name defines who you are, signifying that one of the rôles of a husband is to give his wife an identity through himself. That is why a woman must be so careful who she marries.

Defining True RelationshipsThe whole tenor of the Bible is defined from these first verses. Once we know the relationship between, and the rôles of the who genders, we have established a firm foundation upon which to build. Overturn this primeval statute and everything else you try to build will come to grief. By defining marriage rôles Yahweh sets the stage for the safe construction of all society.

Why We Have Moral LawsPeople wonder why there are so few rules, statutes and commandments for early mankind, but the answer is given to us crystal clear: “These people (Adam and Eve) now know the difference between right and wrong, just as we (Elohim) do” (v.22). If you know the difference between good and evil – right and wrong – what need is there of written law? Here we have the very first example of a retroactive fulfilment of Jeremiah’s prophecy of the Law being written on men and women’s hearts (Jer.31:31ff). But it was not to last.

Why We Have a Written LawThe fact that a written set of rules was needed later clearly shows that even once this blessed condition has been attained, there is no guarantee that it will be permanent. In other words, what has been written on the heart can just as easily be wiped off. There is no evidence that this happened to Adam and Eve specifically for we are told very little about them after this. Instead, we are shown the lives of their children, starting with the killing by their firstborn, Cain, of Abel. The first sin to be committed after the Fall is the worst one of all – murder, and from there on the corruption spreads until the whole world and its vast population is completely diseased spiritually save for eight souls in the days of Noah.

The Case of CainTerrible though what Cain did was, could the spread of this spiritual cancer have been stopped? The answer is a very definite ‘yes’ – it could have been. In spite of this being the most heinous of sins, we suppose that it was possible that Cain could have been turned around to follow the path of Light. Interestingly, there was no law requiring the execution of murderers, for Cain’s life is spared for some reason. In many ways, Cain’s punishment is far worse than death – he will live the life of an exile and be permanently homeless. He was, in a way, the first gypsy. He was filled with fear because of his punishment:

“I shall have to wander about without a home, and just anyone could kill me”(Ge.4:14, CEV).

But Yahweh, we read, is merciful, and says,

“No! … Anyone who kills you will be punished worse than I am punishing you”(v.15).

So whilst he would live in constant fear of death, he had the assurance that anyone who killed him would be punished seven times as badly.

What Cain’s Judgment Reveals to us About Yahweh’s CharacterIt is important that we look closely at this first judgement of Elohim (God) against a major sinner because it will tell us a great deal about our Father in Heaven. We learn, firstly, that Elohim (God) is merciful – He does not want to extinguish us, but to give us a chance to straighten out the wrong things we do. We are offered pardon if we will consciously and conscientiously reform. Second, we learn a great deal about the actualmethodology of Elohim’s (God’s) way of punishment. Elohim (God) is not some despot who kills at whim – He is a concerned parent who wishes His children to come to their senses using their free agency. He is not vindictive. So what did Yahweh do to Cain? We read:

“So Yahweh put a mark on Cain to warn everyone not to kill him. But Cain had to go far from Yahweh and live in the Land of Wandering, which is east of Eden”(vv.15-16, CEV).

The Consequences of Living Life in Your Own WillIt’s not often you hear this passage of Scripture discussed and yet it is so rich in revelation to us. And it’s probably the earliest Davar (Word) from Elohim (God) on how He actually deals with people when they wander from the emet (truth) and try to live their lives in their own will. So let’s take a careful look at this passage and see what we can learn.

Yahweh is the Reformer Par ExcellenceThe first lesson we learn is that Yahweh wants to reform everyone, including the worst sinners. And you can’t commit sin much worse than murder. Secondly, we learn that Yahweh protects sinners – He marks them in order to save their lives so that they can repent and work out their salvation. Thirdly, He cuts sinners off from His presence by sending them “far from Yahweh”, and separates them from those who are pure and holy. There are two communities: the Community of the Godly and the Community of the Ungodly. Those who are of Elohim (God) will automatically be attracted to, and desire to share fellowship with, others who are Godly; and those who are Ungodly will seek their own kind. As we say in English: “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Sinners as WanderersFinally, we are told something about the condition of sinners. In most versions of the Bible we are told that Cain was banished to the Land of Nod (e.g. NIV) but few of these translations actually tell us what ‘Nod’ means. Well, ‘Nod’ means ‘wandering’, which tells us volumes about the spiritual condition of this the world’s first major sinner.Sinners are unstable, unsure, always ‘on the move’, looking for diversions and things to occupy their minds so that they don’t have to deal with the roots of sin. They can’t find stability – fear haunts them every day. Unlike the saved they do not possess assurance that all is well in their souls. They are constantly haunted by fear of the future, of the unknown, of people and of circumstances. They cannot rest peacefully in the knowledge that they are right with Elohim (God) and that Elohim (God) has everything in hand.

Insecurity and Masks vs. Freedom and Openness in MessiahAs you grow up and interact with people, you will meet this insecurity all the time. Of course, people develop and wear masks which conceal what they are really feeling inside, because they do not want others to see their fear. They want to have control of their lives and want others to see that they are in control for fear that they will be used or manipulated and not know how to resist. I have told you of many such people in my sermons in the past and of the different masks they wear, often changing masks depending what kind of people they are with. But the one who is free in Yah’shua (Jesus) wears no masks but treats everyone alike whether rich man or poor, powerful or powerless. These masks in time start assuming what appear to be personalities of their own until after a while those wearing them actually believe that the masks are real, confusing reality with fantasy. A great deal of precious time can be wasted in life not only making these masks but in fighting against Yahweh who uses people and circumstances to rip the masks away so that people can discover who they really are.

Consequences of SinThe problem is that when you have sinned your spirit becomes dark and ugly. Peace, happiness, contentment, and the ability to communicate with others suddenly vapourise into thin air. At that point we face two choices. We can either:

      • (a) Repent to Elohim (God) and to those people we have offended, in which case Yahweh promises He will clean us out and give us pure consciences again; or
      • (b) We can go into denial and bury our guilt away.

Dreams of Being Chased by Wild AnimalsWhen we do the latter, it is rather like caging a wild lion inside your home in a very insecure place and living in fear that the lion will escape to kill you. Very often when people dream they are being chased by people or wild animals it is because they are running away from sin that has not been dealt with or repented of.

The Futility of Trying to Bury MemoriesMan is a cunning creature, though, and rather than repent – which is so easy and simple and costs us nothing other than a little pride – he tries to make the inner animals of sin more secure by burying his wrongdoing ever deeper into his subconscious in the hope that the memory of it will go away. But it never does. Sin is not a natural state.

Parable of the Welcomed CriminalLiving in sin is a bit like inviting a criminal into your home and living in fear that he will one day attack you. It’s a terrible way to be. One thing that is important in this life is to at least have a home where you can feel safe and secure. Almost without thinking about it, we take steps to secure our homes against thieves and robbers by putting locks on doors and windows, putting in alarms, and so on, and yet we rarely do the same with the more important and eternal home which is our soul. That is why we often dream about our homes and of events taking place within them.

Understanding Fugitive DreamsIn this uncertain world we want at least one place of refuge and safety. And yet our dreams do not let us rest. We start dreaming about all kinds of people who are hostile to us. Those who know anything about dreams will tell you that almost everyone we dream about is an aspect of ourselves, good or bad, and has nothing to do with real people. Sinners invariably believe that the people they dream about are about the people themselves and then, instead of dealing with the real problems which are within, start blaming the real people for their own inner problems, thus escaping the call of their consciences to repent and get cleaned up inside.

Living in Constant Fear and Fruits of Unrepented SinThe spirit of Cain is the spirit of sin. Once we have sinned and do nothing about it, we live in constant fear and spiritual wandering, never really sure about anything. The next level of avoiding repentance is called denial – we refuse to accept that what we have done is wrong, and we end up suppressing the feelings of guilt, and finally repress them altogether. The result is any number of psychological problems from neurosis to psychosis. A neurotic is a person who is plagued with anxiety and often manifests this by getting hysterical or obsessive in his behaviour. A psychotic is a person who progressively loses a grasp on reality which becomes more and more distorted resulting, ultimately, in madness. All of these are the fruits of unrepented sin.

Sin Compulsions and Hiding Amongst People in CitiesWe see the beginning of these psychological disorders in Cain. He became anxious for his life. Finally, we read that “Cain was building a town (which) he named after his son Enoch” (Ge.4:17), the first town, in fact. Abandoning the rural life of his parents, he subconsciously set about building a place where he could hide, for it is possible to hide and disappear in large gatherings of people. This compulsive behaviour to build towns and cities is actually a symptom of the problem of sin itself. Cain started the trend and the antichrist Nimrod took it one stage further by building large fortified cities. I have met many people who dream that they are building fortifications, castles, and the like which is another symptom of the same tendency to run away from the emet (truth). That is why, as I have said before, sinners flock to the cities where they can both hide and where sin can multiply amongst “those of a feather”. And whilst this isn’t to say that those who live in the countryside aren’t sinners too, it is very definitely to say that thedrive to move to big places is invariably the result of wanting to hide in some way.

The Purpose of ScourgingIn the beginning Cain lamented the fact that he would have no home. At that early stage, following his judgement and condemnation, he knew what his spiritual condition was – that of a wanderer. “I will have to wander without a home”, he said, and he recoiled at the thought. But such a wandering was actually Elohim’s (God’s) blessing to him, just as it was Israel’s blessing to wander in the wilderness for 40 years in order to get purged of bad thinking, feeling and habits. In the end he chose not to be purified but to hide in himself which was manifested by the compulsive urge to build a town. What we do outwardly is a psychological projection of our inward reality. I don’t know how many thousands of people I have met who, rather than be corrected and chastened, have chosen to run away. Edwin Morris writes:

“If someone told you that you were wrong – would you listen? If another questioned your behaviour, would you lend an ear to what they were saying? The chances are that even if you were chastened in love by a Godly brother, that you would dislike that brother and find excuses to have little to do with him. The truth is that without chastening, and hence necessary change in our lives, we become illegitimate before God (Elohim). “For whom [Yahweh] loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth” (Heb.12:6). Unless we are scourged therefore, that we may conform to the King’s rules, we cannot enter into life, but deceive ourselves. Surely, if we be of God (Elohim), we should welcome correction of the Lord (Yahweh), and thank the deliverer of the good word, rather than recoiling in worldly pride. Can you be chastened without offence?” (Patriarchal News, June 2001, Issue 2, p,2).

Denied Culpability and Swallowed Up in the FloodThough frightened, Cain showed some humility when Yahweh passed sentence upon him. But that was not his initial reaction when Yahweh asked him where his dead brother Abel was. “How should I know?” was his arrogant and proud response as he attempted to deny his culpability.“Am I supposed to look after my brother?” he continued in attempt to shirk all responsibility for his conduct towards others (Ge.4:9, CEV). Unfortunately, Cain never repented and was, we supposed, swallowed up in the Great Flood just as sinners will be swallowed up one day in death and never emerge into life.

Learning from GenesisSo although the early parts of Genesis tell us little about Yahweh’s Torah (Law), we learn a fantastic amount about the spiritual law, how Elohim (God) works, and what we are supposed to do when we go wrong. In many respects, the solution to problems presented is very like the New Covenant one taught by Messiah, for we are taught to look within and look at reality honestly and squarely before it is too late.

Cain’s Precursor to Nineveh, Babylon and All CitiesI want you to remember the town that Cain built. He did not name it in honour of Elohim (God) but in honour of his son, and therefore himself. He eventually put his stake down and said, “This is mine! I am now going to build something for myself and for mydescendants.” The town of Cain was the precursor to the great cities of Nimrod like Babylon and Nineveh, and finally to the ultimate manifestation of vanity and pride, the Tower of Babel. People love building monuments to commemorate themselves and their achievements. The world is littered with obelisks and towers. And Yahweh has to spend much time knocking them down. Sodom and Gomorra were two more cities which represent sin ripened in iniquity, in this instance, sexual iniquity. Lot very unwisely chose to move there and to what he thought would lead him to prosperity. And that has always been the lure of cities – money, because that is where money is concentrated and, ultimately, misspent.

The First Bedouin CainitesAfter Cain we read a very brief account of his descendants and what they did. Prior to this time life had consisted of simple farming of cereals and raising cattle. Some of the descendants of Cain became the first Bedouins living in tents and raised sheep and goats, others invented musical instruments, and yet others invented bronze and iron tools (Ge.4:17-22).

Lamech the MurdererThen follows an interesting incident which illustrates the depravity of the mind of man. The great, great grandson of Cain, Lamech, confesses to a similar crime as his ancestor Cain – he killed a young man (v.23). Instead of appealing to justice, Lamech takes the law into his own hands and murders the person who assaulted him. Remembering Yahweh’s grace to Cain, he then arrogantly declares:

“Anyone who tries to get even with me will be punished ten times more than anyone who tries to get even with Cain” (v.24).

Claiming Independence from YahwehMisinterpreting Yahweh’s grace to his great, great grandfather as justification for murder, he claims total independence from Elohim (God) and declares proudly that he the master of his own destiny. He believed, in common with so many modern men and women who are raised on false teachings, that he and his sons could, by their own achievements, redeem themselves from the curse on the line of Cain. As one commentator puts it:

“This titanic claim is the climax of the catalogue of sins that began with Cain’s proud selfishness at the beginning of the chapter”.

The Unfolding of Pride and JealousyIndeed we are shown just how sin unfolds – in Cain’s case, pride and jealousy of his younger brother Abel. And that is why I have consistently taught that pride is nothing less than the first stages of the spirit of murder. Pride is death to the soul.

Five Generations of Cain Before SethUp until this time the earth consisted only of Adam, Eve and the five generations of the descendants of Cain. The only righteous people on the earth were our first parents. We read:

“Adam and his wife had another son. They named him Seth, because they said, ‘Elohim (God) has given us a son to take the place of Abel, who was killed by his brother Cain.’ Later, Seth had a son and named him Enosh. About this time people started worshipping Yahweh” (Ge.4:25-26, CEV).

Five Generations of Wickedness Before the New RisingIt is very important to note that Yahweh did not replace the murdered Abel with another righteous son, Seth, until five generations of Cain’s descendants had been raised and Lamech had made his proud and arrogant declaration of independence. Like the Frank Sinatra song, “I Did It My Way”, so the children of disobedience and unrighteousness were let to themselves until they finally cut themselves off completely from Yahweh. Only then did He raise up another community – a community of righteousness – to counteract the wickedness that was spreading through the Cainites. The whole of chapter 5 of Genesis is about the increase in population throughout the earth, culminating in the patriarch Noah. So great had the evil become that even the Sethites had been corrupted, leaving only Noah and his little family who continued faithful to Yahweh.

The Long-Suffering and Patience of ElohimNow the point of this narrative is not only to tell us about the history of the earth but to show also the long-suffering and patience of Elohim (God). He will wait for us to turn our hearts to Him until we reach a certain point of ‘no return’ and then He pronounces final and absolute judgement. That is one reason we should never procrastinate the day of repentance because His grace does not last forever.

The First Pagans, Corruption and the First SeparationThe Cainites were the first pagans – Yahweh-rejectors – and the Sethites the first true community of Yahweh-worshippers. We learn from the apocryphal Book of Adam and Eve(A&E) that the corruption of the Yahweh-worshippers was gradual. They continued to worship the true Elohim (God) but simultaneously began to absorb the beliefs and practices of the pagan Cainites until, finally, they became indistinguishable from them, and the fact that they claimed to be believers in Yahweh then meant nothing at all. Their faith was only in name.

The End of the SethitesFrom the very beginning of time Yahweh has commanded His people to remain separate from, and unspotted by, the world, saying that they were “not to mingle with the children of Cain, and not to learn their ways” (2A&E 19:4). But they rebelled. Just as modern Christians and Messianics have mixed with, and become polluted by our neo-pagan society, the Sethites disobeyed Yahweh, mingled with Cain’s people, and eventually became like them. And the flood took them both.

Separation and Gathering of the Righteous is MandatoryThe Bible predicts that the flood and apostasy that preceded it represent something that will be repeated in the last days. The wickedness and corruption that filled the earth before the flood (Ge.6:5,12) is supposed, therefore, to serve as a warning to us. We can no more be on the side of Messiah if we mingle with the modern pagans than the Sethites could when they mingled with the Cainites. Those whom Yahweh saved from the flood not only abstained from wickedness but also actively resisted its influence. Just as the earth was baptised in water in Noah’s days, so also will it be baptised in a flood of fire when Messiah returns, and only those who are purified with fire will survive. We’re even told by the apostle Peter how this baptism in fire will take place, for he says that “the elements will melt in the heat” (2 Pet.3:12, NIV). The only weaponry capable of doing that is nuclear bombs, unless it is supernatural.

The Seduction of Demonic MusicYou might be interested to learn how it was that the Sethites were seduced by the Cainites. The Book of Adam and Eve tells us graphically how Satan won his victory. The Cainites lived in the plains, and the Sethites up in the mountains, just as Abraham lived in the mountains and his nephew Lot moved down into the cities of the plains at Sodom and Gomorra. We are told that it was music that enticed them, but not just any kind of music, for we are told that it was music that had the power to ravish people’s souls(2A&E 20:3). Once the Sethites came down from the mountains, they were overcome by all kinds of lusts which the music had conditioned them for (2A&E 20:20,30-32). The music was so powerful that those children of Elohim (God) who had kept Yahweh’smitzvot (commandments), and who had regularly prayed and fasted, were turned into the children of the devil (2A&E 20:15-16,27,35). The music, we are told, robbed the people of their self-control and there free agency (2A&E 20:3,9). The music’s intensity and momentum, when played at all hours by impassioned musicians, inflamed people’s hearts and won them over (2A&E 20:2,4,12-13), and their previously godly way of life gave way to the abominations that were commonplace amongst the Cainites (2A&E 20:34). The Book recalls how a man called Genun, whom Satan inspired, was told to make various kinds of musical instruments and to play them in a certain way (2A&E 20:2,4). The account says that when Genum played the instruments, “Satan came into them, so that (out of them) were heard beautiful and sweet sounds that ravished the heart (2A&E 20:3). When the bands played, the children of Cain burned as with fire within, and as a consequence Satan increased lust amongst them(2A&E 20:4).

The Rapid Destruction by Satanic MusicThese bands gathered every day at the foot of the hills just as we hear similar modern equivalents of this devilish music day in and day out on radio, TV, Internet and in homes viâ cassettes, CD’s, videos and DVDs. All that Satan needed to do was let the covenant people hear and get accustomed to the music and they were trapped (2A&E 20:11). After one year of exposure the covenant people regularly went down to the musicians (2A&E 20:12).

The Corruption of Sensual ClothingThe next stage of corruption was clothing. We read in the account that Satan inspired Genun to made seductive clothing so that when they danced the Cainites “shone in beauty and gorgeous apparel, gathered at the foot of the mountain in splendour, with horns and gorgeous dresses” (2A&E 20:14).

The Corrupted Disobey the Final WarningYahweh’s prophet, Jared, admonished the covenant people to cease listening to the Cainite music and dressing as the heathen. And then finally, one day, Yahweh told him to say to the people that if they went down from the mountain one more time that he would not permit them to return (2A&E 20:26). More and more of the Sethites went down the mountain until hardly any remained (2A&E 20:30; 21:1). The text reads: “Satan made {the Cainites} look beautiful” so that the people lusted after each other like ravenous beasts, committing abominations and falling into defilement (2A&E 20:32-34).

When ‘Believers’ Become Like the WorldA few Sethites tried to repent but it was too late because they had lost their purity and innocence (2A&E 20:33-34). By repeatedly transgressing the commandment not to listen to the music they ceased finally to be the people of Elohim (God) (2A&E 21:4-5). A Jewish writer and expert on this period of earth’s history, Avraham Gileadi, comments as follows:

“What strikes us about this story is how it resembles our society today. If we think of the physical descent from the holy mountain as symbolising spiritual descent, the account reads like a contemporary happening. Today, as anciently, the younger generation of the covenant people has commenced yielding to the enticement of immoral music. If you have any doubt that rock music ravishes the soul, inflames the heart, or sets passions on fire, just witness a concert by any well-known rock group. The spectacle they create – its fantasy, frenzy, and hysteria – appeals to the very basest of human emotions. The physical appearance of the musicians – their gaudy and glittering attire and their lewd and suggestive gestures – parallel in every way the Cainites that the Book of Adam and Eve describe. As Isaiah foresaw,the looks on their faces betray them: they flaunt their sin like Sodom; they cannot hide it (Is.3:9, KJV).

When Pagans and ‘Christians’ Resemble One AnotherWhat many believers don’t realise is that in the end-times the majority of those who call themselves ‘Christian’ or ‘Messianic’ will, like the Sethites, become so much like the modern equivalent of the heathen ‘Cainites’, as epochal cycles repeat themselves once again, that they will be virtually indistinguishable from them:

“For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of Elohim (God), having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith; but they will progress no further, for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was” (2 Tim.3:2-9, NKJV).

Rock Music and the Gospel are Completely IncompatibleGileadi writes further:

“Studies show that even milder kinds of rock music are but steppingstones to hard rock. Attempts to use rock music – a worldly medium – to convey the spiritual message of the gospel surely constitute an abomination. Syncretism has ever sought to prostitute what is holy and sanction what is profane. When I was a teenager, my own experience as a rock and jazz musician left me spiritually bankrupt and emotionally deprived. In my home town my name was something of a legend, but the price that I paid for that was many years of suffering and recovery. In rock music, I experienced first hand Satan’s captivating influence and the bonds of hell. I knew the vain self-serving mentality of many rock musicians. Through hard experience, I learned that there is a price to pay for following the false code of conduct, whether it be a rock cult, a personality cult, or some other deviation from a Christ-like life” (Farewell Babylon: Forsaking Idolatry and Gathering to Zion, New Covenant Press, pp.11-12).

From Music and Clothes to Organised SportsYou will perhaps be surprised to learn that having corrupted the people with satanic music and immoral clothing, the Cainites next turned to organised sports. Yes, the same cycle repeats itself, doesn’t it? The Greeks and Romans were to copy the same means of corruption as we read in 1 Maccabees 1:14 and 1 Corinthians 9:24-25.You will recall how the antichrist Antiochus Epiphanes attempted to force Elohim’s (God’s) people to adopt pagan Greek culture and then murdered them when they refused. Today’s Christians and Messianics are only too willing to desecrate the Sabbath to attend sports events. Families have been ruined by it and we even hear now of “sports widows and orphans”, so-called because their fathers are so busy attending organised sports that they have no time for their families.

The Same satanic Processes are Repeating in Our DayBrethren and sisters, there is nothing original in what Satan is doing today. He is using the same well-tried methods. The style of music may have changed a little, along with the musical instruments, but the result is still the same. Clothing fashions may have changed somewhat, but the plain simplicity and modesty commanded of Elohim’s (God’s) people, which requires men and women to dress differently, has been overturned by the unisexual clothing culture which is progressively exposing people’s nakedness more and more. And then there is organised sports, which for millions has become almost a religion in itself. I name but three corruptions – there are others – but these are the main ones. It is with these that Satan always starts. He hasn’t changed from one dispensation of history to another.

Same Spirit, Modified Outer FormsThe good news is that the whole vile and ungodly way of life is going to be burned up, leaving behind a few survivors just as Noah and his family were left. The ancient Cainites all around us are playing slightly different music, dressing slightly differently, and playing some different sports, but the compromise with sin is still the same. Because the sheep’s clothing has changed a little doesn’t mean that the wolf isn’t there underneath it. He is, and he is ravenous, waiting to devour his prey.

A Loss of Identity is a Consequence of Sin and RebellionThe devil’s corruption changes our behaviour. Gentleness gives way to hardness, kindness to insensitivity and indifference, politeness to rudeness, responsibility to selfishness, and hard work to laziness. Doubt comes and goes, and we wrestle with our identity. The one who refuses to repent, like Cain is internally in the Land of Wandering, uncertain and unsure, turning to fantasy instead of the harsh reality of separation from Elohim (God) and from His people. “Who am I?” they ask. Our identity is defined by whether we are living on the hilltop of holiness in Messiah or in the plains of the sinners within our own souls.

The Evil WestThose who are in Messiah are content wherever Elohim (God) places them for they have inner shalom (peace). They are able to co-operatively work with other believers, giving of their best for each other, as once the Sethites did. The Cainites, by contrast, were obsessed with music, their dress and appearance, sports, and with other worldly activities. Their degradation took place over a period of time, and possibly they didn’t even notice it at first, but the children of Elohim (God) saw it only too clearly. Finally, they rebelled completely, declared their complete independence from Elohim (God), and then set about destroying others … the children of Elohim (God). The Greeks did it, the Romans did it, and now the Americans (and Western Europeans) are doing it. Their Cainitish culture has spread its evil tentacles around the world under the mask of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’.

America and the West to FallIn a very short time that nation, like the Roman and Greek Empires before it, will be destroyed by war, nuclear fallout and disease. The fall of the United States will have repercussions for the whole world. It’s fall will be followed by a period of anarchy and then world dictatorship, followed by more wars until Messiah returns. Business empires will collapse in a day. Most of us sitting here will witness it within a very short period of time, perhaps, as some say, within the next two years. That is one reason why were are gathered here, waiting our hour when this message will be preached around the world with great power.

A CleanoutBefore this summer is over – by the end of July (2001) – we will be having another big ‘clean-out’ of this community, to get rid of the last vestiges of the corrupt world in our homes – music and clothing will be the first to be permanently changed. It must be completely gone from this property. We have already started pruning our video library and we will do more. Books and magazines will also follow until the last remains of the modern-day Cainitish culture has been extirpated from Zion. This will be done under the leadership of the Patriarchate. All trace of these things will be gone – for ever.

ConclusionMay we reflect soberly on the story of the first pagan culture, the Cainites, and how Satan destroyed the first covenant people, the Sethites. The same war is on today. Not only must we identify the evils around us, but we must resist and oppose them. This is our duty and our responsibility, for the sake of our children and all to whom we minister. May Yahweh bless us in our desire to be a holy people and to bring Him glory. Amen.

Please now read the important Series,
THE 2014-16 JUDGMENTS OF YAHWEHComments from Readers

[1] “Excellent teaching, Christopher! Thank you for all you do!” (JS, USA, 10 April 2016)
[2] “Great lesson learnt” (Pastor HZM, Liberia, 11 April 2016)

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